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In 2016, Nashwa Mohammed “Cofounder of Fadfada for psychological and psychotherapeutic counseling startup” founded “The positive affirmations campaign”; an annual WhatsApp based campaign for female’s empowerment.

The campaign main objective is to improve females’ mental, emotional and physical wellbeing through interactive daily messages that contain positive affirmations, exercises and meditation sessions.

During the past three years of the campaign, many of the participants needed a professional psychological therapy but were hesitant to seek in office therapy due to the stigma associated with mental health.

Fadfada startup was a result from the positive affirmations campaign. It combats mental health stigma by providing easier, more convenient and confidential solution; Online counseling with accredited therapists through mobile application.





Our vision:

  •         Correct psychological/mental health concepts/ disbeliefs among Sudanese society.
  •         Normalize psychological/mental health services in Sudan.
  •         Decrease unemployment in Sudan in psychology department.

Our mission:

·        Raise psychological /mental health awareness using different social media platforms, field campaigns and seminars.

·        Compromise the stigma by providing confidential, convenient various and technical solutions.

·        Provide extra source of income and jobs opportunities for therapists.


­Our goal: 

·        Achieve 3rd SDG: “Good health and well-being”: by providing professional, accessible, easy and affordable psychological/mental health services

·        Achieve 8th SDG: “Decent Work and Economic Growth”: by redirecting, utilizing, and promoting the services of the the available resources (therapists) and providing them extra source of income

·        Achieve 10th SDG: “Reduced Inequality” by providing online services that can be used anywhere inside and outside Sudan and not only centralized in Khartoum.

·        Achieve 5th SGD: “Gender Equality” by providing job opportunities for psychologists in Sudan. Most of them are graduated from Ahfad University for Women.


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